"Amazing, Stellar, Adaptable, Dependable, Quality...

The content they produce is high quality. There were just never any issues when dealing with The Posh Connect”

Jenn Donovan


 Red Barn Consulting


"Before I worked with The Posh Connect my site was getting page views but nearly as much as I ended up getting after I worked with The Posh Connect and they worked their PR magic for me. Not only was I getting more traffic I was getting better quality traffic. It’s so easy to recommend The Posh Connect because Macy and the team are so personable and so professional. You feel like the work they’re putting in is not just because they want to get a paycheck or advance their business in some way, it’s because they actually want to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself."

scott brown

relationship expert, author


"I've really enjoyed working with The Posh Connect team over the years. They've been continuously supportive of me and my business. They're creative and know how to bring a product to market the right way!"


wanda jones 

technical design director wanda jones studio


"The Posh Connect created visual assets that fit exactly into the kind of event we were having for a New York City fashion oriented demographic. I would highly recommend Macy and her team for any public relations, social media and especially graphic design projects because she is lovely to work with as person and professionally. I was very happy with the outcome and I’m glad I met them."


haya zoubi

fashion event producer, founder 

gone bazaar